Corporate Management

Board of Directors

  • Marshall V. Laitsch, Chairman
  • Charles E. Cook
  • Matthew Denmark
  • Kyle R. Jones
  • Lyle R. Knight
  • Robert J. Kushner
  • Charles D. McCluer
  • David R. Misch
  • Craig H. Stewart
  • Kristen D. Stovesand

Executive Management

  • David R. Misch, Chief Executive Officer
  • Thomas C. Baker, Chief Operating Officer
  • Alan Buckle, President & Chief Banking Officer
  • Robert J. Cassidy, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Paul F. Rodeno, Chief Credit and Risk Officer
  • J. Duncan Smith, Chief Financial Officer
  • Nancy L. Karlson, Chief Strategy and Implementation Officer


  • Jeff Boyer, Regional President
  • Deborah Gallagher, SBA Division Manager
  • Michael Helmuth, Regional President
  • Daniel Limon, Real Estate Group Manager